Process & Pricing

The Process

1. Initial phone consultation to discuss a high level overview of your needs followed by a 1-2 hour in-home consultation.

2. During the in-home walk through we’ll discuss:

  • stressors & challenges in each space
  • what is & isn’t working
  • your goals
  • emotions around organizing

3. After the walk through we’ll discuss:

  • timing/deadlines
  • budget
  • any money saving homework that can be done before, during or after the project

Pricing for Services

Organizing services are charged at an hourly rate starting at $55. While each organization project is unique, a free consultation will determine the actual needs of the client and the final hourly rate. Extras such as travel, supplies and shopping for organizing products may be an additional cost. It is recommended to schedule an organization by “project” or a minimum of 4 hours. Realize that organizing does not necessarily need to be accomplished all at once. You can spread the project out over time to stay within your budget.